About Us

Middle East Precision Regrind LLC is the first cutting tools manufacturing firm in Middle East. Since its founding, our company has earned a reputation among cutting tool industries for professionalism and commitment to excellence in service. Based on our broad experience in a full spectrum of manufacturing and regrinding end mills, drills, reamers and other cutting tools MEPR emerged into leading company providing cutting tools for various industrial sectors such as aerospace, pipelines, oil and gas, construction, fabrications, wood, composite and aluminium industries. We are exploring the technically and economically challenging environments, with state of art, technology and advanced engineering to fit individual customer requirements.

MEPR is a performance proven cutting tool regrinding company now developed and emerged into manufacturing and supply of quality and precision tools. We are committed to continuous process improvement, and utilize the best machining tools available to provide our customers with high quality parts, competitive pricing and on-schedule delivery. We design and build our own tools geometry for different application for smooth machining of steel, composite, wood etc. We will also alter and upgrade existing tooling as needed and demanded by the customers. Our facility is equipped with a tool-room capable of manufacturing composite tooling to the highest standards of accuracy.

Our expertise at regrinding and sharpening broken and worn cutters will reduce your need to purchase new, replacement tools. A large part of our work is milling cutter reclamation but we will also sharpen drills, reamers and many other types of serviceable tools that would otherwise be thrown away.

Regrinding and sharpening worn tools is a cost effective way of prolonging the life of your investment in tooling. Our regrinding and sharpening service very effectively prolongs the life of your investment. The wear is generally restricted to a small portion of the flute length, when removed produces a perfectly serviceable tool of original diameter. Alternatively worn tools are ground down to the next 1/2mm size, returned in a box with a printed label describing the tool, size and whether HSS or Carbide.

All tools are individually priced on our invoice which will be sent once we receive the cutting tools and assess the required work.